Why Funeral Homes Love Us

Assisting you in helping families through the floral planning process with ease

The business of sympathy is never an easy one. When working with families who are grieving and working through myriad emotions, it is imperative to partner with people who understand the business inside and out. PreferredFlorist.com and our team meet those needs. We know the funeral business and understand the unique requirements of caring for and delivering sympathy flowers and plants.

Because of the distinctive needs of the funeral industry, the business of PreferredFlorist.com is centered only on sympathy flowers and plants. Through our turn-key online flower shop and website portal, you are delivered a catalog that encompasses a beautiful selection of flowers and plants uniquely organized by color. This enables you to easily work with families and friends of the deceased and make quick recommendations, taking pain and worry out of this part of the planning process. Through a partnership with PreferredFlorist.com, you will be provided all of the floral ordering tools to assist you in helping families through the floral planning process with ease.

How can an Online Flower Shop from PreferredFlorist.com help your business?

  • The PreferredFlorist.com website was created to embrace and enhance the sympathy flower ordering experience for the families you serve, their friends and extended family members.
  • An online floral shop is made for your business by experienced designers who will work with you to incorporate this within your existing website.
  • A new revenue stream that rewards your hard work without adding to your work is created. Finally, years of working with floral providers has the ability to pay off. Through the creation of your online flower shop, you will receive a payment for each flower sale made.
  • Greater levels of customer service. You can track flower offerings for your clients easily, efficiently and effectively, making better use of your time.
  • We work with the florist of your choice or we can provide one for you. We focus on leveraging your existing business partnerships to create a more profitable cooperative between you and your preferred florist. Moreover, your florist will come to love the convenience offered by our online solution. They will have a say on the pricing and inventory which is something large corporate wire services do not offer.
  • Quick payments. Through our custom billing platform, payments are issued after the 1st and 15th of each month ensuring you benefit through this additional revenue stream.
  • Unparalleled client service. We aren’t only available to provide patient and helpful service to floral clients, but we are also available to you. Feel free to contact the team at PreferredFlorist.com anytime to discuss orders, comments or provide constructive business suggestions.

PreferredFlorist.com also recognizes that no two funeral services are the same and that all families require different levels of comfort. We are happy to work with families and friends of the family on the phone, as well online, when placing their orders. We are happy to accommodate special requests and delivery measures and have the patience and empathy required when helping emotionally distraught individuals during challenging times.

There has never been an easier way to provide this important value-added service to your clients, their families and their friends. Through the PreferredFlorist.com personalized condolence selection service, meaningful and appropriate sympathy flowers and expressions can be ordered seamlessly and easily. For more information on how an online flower shop can benefit your business, call 800-707-7361 or fill out our online contact form today.