A Smarter Way to E-Commerce

No middle man. No boxed flowers. No wire service. We work directly with your florist or caterer to select and price the products sold in your store. What the customer sees online is exactly what is delivered to the service. That level of customization is the key to making e-commerce work smoothly for your funeral home. Why ever risk upsetting a family with a one-size-fits-all wire service solution?

Celebrating the lives of those who have passed on is an important step in the grieving process. For centuries, flowers at funerals have provided solace, remembrance and fragrant beauty. As a funeral service provider or a florist who works within the sympathy space, you understand that a comforting and memorable experience is core to your business and to your client.

Our service has been designed around you and your client family. We recognize that a delicate situation such as this requires handling by people well-versed in the industry.

PreferredFlorist.com aims to help you enhance and improve your client family’s ceremony and memorial. Through our comprehensive sympathy expressions network, we assist funeral service providers, their preferred florists and the family and friends of the deceased by providing high quality, beautiful sympathy flowers.